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Maledom Empire

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Maledom Empire is a fantasy in which women are regarded as subhuman and owned, used and fucked by men. Imperial society has evolved around the slavery of "cunts", as females are called; the Empire's citizens include slavers, trainers and masters. They are served by all manner of submissive female slaves; from pleasure whores to hucows and everything in between.

r/MaledomEmpire is a roleplay and pornography sub, where users post and comment as the slavers, cunts and citizens of the Empire. There are unlimited characters to play, from government officials to enslaved cunts to rebel feminists.

Want to get involved or learn more about the Empire? Check out our wiki.


  1. All posts and comments must be in-character, or identified as out of character by (OOC:Comment) for comments, or a "Meta" tag if you're creating an OOC thread.

  2. All content must be relevant to the sub and theme of r/MaledomEmpire.

  3. All submissions involving real people must be of consenting adults. (US law) Gore, murder and other NSFL themes will result in a permanent ban.

  4. Respect all users. r/MaledomEmpire is a fantasy, and out of character misogyny, harassment or illegal activity will not be tolerated.

  5. Report any rule-breaking content to the mod team.

  6. Be creative and have fun!

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