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Maledom Empire

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The Maledom Empire is a nation where women are regarded as subhuman and owned, used and fucked by men. Imperial society has evolved around the slavery of "cunts", as females are called; the Empire's citizens include slavers, trainers and masters. They are served by all manner of submissive female slaves; from pleasure whores to hucows and everything in between.

r/MaledomEmpire is a forum for erotic roleplay, where users post and comment as the slavers, cunts and citizens of the Empire. It's a playground for you to act out your wildest fantasies.

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  1. Respect other users: This is a shared community, and content that belittles or harasses other users will not be tolerated. Keep the sparring between characters, not people.

  2. No inappropriate content: Do not post underage, illegal or gory links or images. Despite its fantasy nature, this subreddit is not a space to share such content.

  3. Keep IC and OOC separate: In-Character content such as roleplay should be kept separate to Out-Of-Character content such as discussion.

  4. Stay Relevant: Only post content if it's relevant to the subreddit and is presented in-character. Content that isn't maledom-related or linked to the roleplay will be removed.

  5. Don't Godmod: Don't try to force another person's character into doing something without communicating with the user and getting their consent.

  6. Always include roleplay: All image/link submissions must be accompanied either with a full roleplay or a few lines of in-character backstory.

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