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Malicious Compliance

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Malicious compliance is the act of intentionally inflicting harm by strictly following orders or rules, knowing that compliance with the orders or rules will not have the intended result. The term usually implies the following of an order in such a way that ignores the order or rules's intent but follows its letter. It is usually done to injure or harm while maintaining a sense of legitimacy.

While writing your stories, please make sure to explain why the result is something you'd like to happen. If you can't figure out why you're so happy about the situation, just make sure it's clear that you don't like the person, company, or group that suffered as a result of your flawless victory. Trust me, stories that explain that their boss is a dick or the snotty mom from down the street had it coming are just much more enjoyable to read.


  1. Story or photos must display some form of malicious compliance. This is interpreted broadly, but posts where people ignore rules will be removed.

  2. No gore/death images. If in doubt, just ask.

  3. Don't question the validity of a story. It's much more fun if we give people the benefit of the doubt.

  4. Stories and photos must be your original content. If it is NOT your original content, you must link to where you found it rather than simply copying it and claiming it as your own. A screenshot of an image, a story, comments, or replies from reddit or another website is absolutely forbidden.

  5. News stories, video, and comics must be linked to their original or official website, if possible.

  6. No photos with text overlays. This is not intended to stop people from adding information so as to indicate originator and/or owner of a particular photo.

  7. Comments must forward the discussion. A comment that only insults without prompting further discussion will be removed. Those requesting a user be banned who breaks no rules may be banned themselves at mod discretion.

  8. It must be clear that whomever is complying is doing so intentionally. Confused animals or children are generally not allowed. Parents may maliciously comply with the rules of their child's school (or similar) through their children.

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