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Answer the Call of the Void

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Welcome to /r/MalzaharMains!

"Bow to the void! Or be consumed by it!"

Do you find yourself unable to stop pushing your lane? Can you go 0-4 and still take outer turret first? Then welcome to /r/MalzaharMains, where we discuss all things Malzahar related!


  • First time violators will be issued a warning, followed by a ban if offenses continue.

  • Be respectful to others; Please don't spread hate or negativity.

  • Stay on topic; keep discussions Malazahar related.

  • No NSFW; Let's keep it clean!

  • Only post your stream if you're online + streaming. Remove the post once you've completed streaming for the day.*

  • Enjoy yourself! ( :

*This is to prevent a crowding of offline stream posts and to allow everyone a chance to promote their stream.

Useful Links

League Wiki

Lol Skill


Some Helpful Malzahar Videos!

Malzahar Streamers:

Master-Tier Mid Malz Main: Autolykus_

Low Diamond AD Jungle Malz Guru: Aqua Dragon

The Jensen of Platinum IV: itsarcania

Filthy Boosted Animal: DownloadSomeRAM

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