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Map Porn

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Welcome to /r/Map_Porn! This subreddit is dedicated to the sharing, discussion, and appreciation of maps.


Moderators will use their discretion in enforcing these rules:

  • In the title, please include:
  • the resolution in [brackets] for an image or gif of a single map
  • [interactive] if the map is zoomable or responsive
  • [article] if the map is the centrepiece of an article
  • [album] if the link leads to a collection of maps
  • [OC] if the map was created by the posting user
  • some context (such as the location, cartographer, and date).

  • Politically topical maps are allowed but agenda pushing must be avoided.

  • All thematic maps must have a legend in the title or on the map.

  • Discussions of all topics are encouraged. However, please stay civil and avoid jumping to provocative and derogative slurs.


  • Please report any rule breakings you come across.

  • Practice reddiquette.

Link Flairs

Currently maps can be flaired by moderators into general and thematic categories. General maps are those which summarise the landscape (such as topographic and general reference maps) while thematic maps are those which have themes and effectively describe or comment on the landscape (such as climate maps and language maps). Simply put, a map that would be titled "Map of India" would most likely be a general map; however if it were titled "Railroad Map of India" then it would be a thematic map as its theme is to show railroads.

Users will have the option to flair their own maps as well as filter maps by flair once this becomes finalised and all current posts can be properly categorised.

Our Pledge

The moderators of /r/Map_Porn are firmly committed to transparency in every moderation action that we take. To this end, we make these promises:

  • Every post that we remove that is made by a legitimate user (i.e. not a spammer) will be accompanied by a comment saying why it was removed.

  • Major rule changes will be discussed with the community.

  • We will endeavor to answer any messeges sent to modmail and will not protest to any messages being made public.

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