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if you think it's about just black people, you're just being racist

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Tray Tray Continued: Click HERE for official thread

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Race_bashing, where we all release our inner hate to an accepting audience

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We all know that racism on reddit is rampant, so, instead of getting a bunch of minorities decrying your upvotes, just post here. Here are the rules for posting- 1. A post comes up that features a black man/woman who isnt Neil Degrasse Tyson. 2. Some one makes a post on /r/racebashing. 3. This post is linked to on the original post's comment thread. 4.Everyone goes to Racebashing to post the obligatory posts about how all black people commit crime and it's OK to discriminate against and hate black people because of this this. Also, racism equals reality. 5. The original post's comment thread is made up of meme posts and actual good comments, as it should be.

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