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/r/Mario is the biggest and best subreddit out there for those who want to talk about and share their experiences about the Mario franchise, spanning video games, books, movies, television, cereal, and more!

Note: We are not in any way affiliated with Nintendo or the Mario series.

#1: Posts Must Be On-Topic and Related to Mario

> Content on /r/Mario should be related to the Mario series. General Nintendo content or content about other series should go to /r/nintendo, /r/casualnintendo, or another applicable subreddit. Be sure to read each subreddit's rules before posting.

#2: Posts Should Have Effort Put Into Them

> Posts should have a purpose behind them, whether to inform, humor, entertain, gather information, or a plethora of other reasons. If a post has no purpose or is something that is incredibly similar/identical to a recent post, it will be ~~removed~~ wiped from the face of the Earth.

#3: Use the Search Bar Before Posting

> One might be able to find the answer to a question or find out that a link you're posting has already been linked recently by typing keywords into the search bar. Doing so can help save yours and everyone's time.

#4: Be Mature

> Users on /r/Mario will be treated like mature adults and are thus suspected to act as such. Personally attacking someone, using any kind of slurs (even if not directed at a person), or having a toxic demeanor is not allowed and will probably result in a temporary or permanent ban from the subreddit. If someone posts an inflammatory response, report it, don't comment on it.

#5: No NSFW Content

> /r/Mario is a Safe-for-Work subreddit. Any instances of graphic violence, nudity, and other sexual themes are not allowed on the subreddit and will be removed, even if it is related to Mario.

#6: Spoilers Should Be Tagged and Hidden Appropriately

> For 3 months after the release of any game, Mario or not, all major spoilers (all major things not previously revealed by Nintendo) for said games should be appropriately tagged. See here for details on how to spoiler tag posts. To hide spoilers in comments or post bodies, use the code [Mario saves Peach](/spoiler), which translates to Mario saves Peach. Post titles should not contain any spoilers, even if the post is spoiler tagged.

#7: Send All Questions and Comments to the Moderators Through Modmail

> Meta posts and comments on removal reasons are harder to be seen by the entire moderation team. To insure concerns are dealt with fairly and quickly, please send all comments and questions to the subreddit's Modmail.


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