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  • This subreddit is for adults only.

  • Do not post personal information.

  • Please be respectful of all other users of this subreddit.

  • This subreddit is inclusive of all genders and orientations.

  • Requests for pm and/or comments in post titles is permitted. Any other contact info should only be exchanged via pm. This is to protect users from bots spamming Kik accounts.

  • Photoshopped pics are not permitted. When we receive multiple reports or comments that suspect a post being photoshopped we will ask for verification. If you are unable to verify, your post will be removed. You may also lose your access to post here.

  • The penis in the image you submit to the subreddit should be your own. Reposting or Recycling pics is not permitted. These will be removed. X-Posts are fine.

  • Please do not post requesting hookups here. Head on over to /r/bigdicklovers where you're sure to find what you're looking for.

  • The whole cock must be visible in all pics submitted. If you'd like to share a pic of your bulge, head over to our friends at /r/bulges

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