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>##Welcome! >/r/MasterReturns is a subreddit dedicated to videos and pictures of dogs (and other pets!) being reunited with their owners after and extended absence! We consider these to be some of the best videos on the internet and created this subreddit so that all could view and pleasure in this emotion.


>We'll keep it short:

>Reposting is allowed if the post is older than 6 months. This allows content to remain fresh for new subscribers and opens up new discussions.

>Compilations are accepted, but not encouraged. If you find a compilation it would be appreciated if you find specific videos the compilation features. This helps to keep from repost accusations.

>Posts about animal cruelty and anything of the sort will result in an immediate ban. This has no exceptions.

>No NSFW content.

>Be kind and respect on another. Above all else enjoy the subreddit and have fun!

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