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Advice from experienced mechanics from several fields.

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We are experienced mechanics from several fields of expertise including auto, marine, aviation, heavy construction equipment, military, farm, air-cooled, etc.

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  • If you have parts you would like to trade please do so at our new subreddit r/PartIt

Flair is available to to users who request it, you must be an experienced mechanic in some way, shape or form and a contributing poster to this sub.


Please Take a Moment To Read The Rules Before Posting

1) Advice Format. We're not super strict here, but for most of our posts we follow a question-response format.

1a) Bad Advice. Don't give intentionally bad, harmful, or deceptive advice. Only give advice on something you believe to be true. If we feel a piece of advice is particularly reckless, dangerous, or extremely unhelpful we may remove it.

1b) Unsolicited Advice. If a post or comment is provided that is not a response to a question, then the post may be removed.

2) Courteous and Professional. Keep discussion friendly, civil, courteous, and professional. We're here to help so being rude won't get you very far. The same goes for assuming that a shop is trying to "rip you off." It's okay to ask for a second opinion, openly accusing your mechanic of trying to fleece you is something different. Remember the golden rule: If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Those who demonstrate they cannot follow the rules will be warned and posts removed. Those who continually cause issue will be removed

2a) One Incident per Thread. Be sure to post only one vehicle/problem/incident per thread, and only post once. If you didn't get an answer the first time, or you don't like the answer you got that does not mean you post it again.

2b) Updates are allowed, provided it is properly marked as an [Update] or similar.

3) Stay On Topic: If it's got wheels, treads, floats, flies, or has an engine it's we'll do our best to help. We're pretty flexible and we even enjoy a bit of humor now and again.

3a) Make/Model/Year. All posts should be asking for advice and all posts must include the make/model/year in the title or body of the post. If that isn't available, provide all you know and explain why. All posts without this information may be subject to being deleted.

3b) Any off topic posts must be flagged [Meta], [N/A], or similar.

4) Spam/Self-Promotion/Improper Linking. Linking to outside content is generally not allowed, unless it's germane to the current discussion. Unlike other advice subs, we allow links so you can post a picture, video, or audio file of your problem. Often times that's needed to get good advice. Linking for the purposes of promotion (eg offers/coupons/self blog posts/youtube) is strictly prohibited. Self promotion posts will be removed and result in the user being permanently banned. Linking for the purposes of providing advice is okay (eg providing a link to a specifically requested part).

Any linking to a youtube video/channel for self promotion/how to is prohibited, and will result in a permanent ban. This is Mechanic Advice, not Mechanic How To. If you want to post something like this, /r/Justrolledintotheshop is the appropriate subreddit for this material

5) Mark Solved. When the problem is 'solved' please click the button under your post marked 'Is this solved? Click here' and select the option for Solved and save. This will allow people to filter out posts that have already been resolved so they can move on to other posts that still need assistance.

6) Personal Information. This should go without saying. Sharing personal information, or specifics on /r/MechanicAdvice is not allowed. If you are making a Second Opinion post, then please do not name the shops specifically. That will get the post deleted. This is not a review forum for specific shops.

7) Body Work. This is a sub for mechanical questions. Body work questions regarding dents, dings or accident related damages should be posted in /r/Autobody


It is not against the rules if you are asking about a second opinion on a quote from a shop. However, please observe rule #1 when asking for a second opinion. It is considered rude to ask, “Is the shop trying to fleece me?” “Am I getting Ripped Off?” or similar. You wouldn’t ask “Why are all cops pigs?” on /r/AskLeo, ask about Creationism on /r/AskScience, or talk about vaccines causing autism on /r/AskDocs.

Generally there is a good reason why a repair costs what it does. We are more than happy to help you figure out why a shop wants to charge you for a repair, and we will tell you if it is unusually high. We are also happy to advise on how you can save money at the shop. Please read the sticky post on the subject for details.


Understand that the assistance you receive is ADVICE ONLY and is given with the understanding that the giver assumes no liability for any damages that occur as a direct or indirect result. It is impossible for a mechanic to diagnose your problem accurately without seeing/hearing the problem with his own senses. Any advice you receive you must use AT YOUR OWN RISK.


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