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Welcome to /r/MeetNewPeopleHere.

Looking for the new person to spend hours talking to? Looking for someone to go out for a coffee with? Looking for someone to travel with? Looking for a new raid partner? If yes, then this is the perfect subreddit for you to do just that!

>"The key is to find those great conversations and let the interest come naturally without having to force it. To do that though, you're going to have to break out of your comfort zone for a while. The first thing you'll have to do, obviously, is show up. So what are you waiting for?"

We offer you a place to post about yourself and find whatever you're looking for. Just remember to read the rules. Happy posting! :)


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Posting Rules

>1. Follow the general Reddit rules Reddiquette.

>2. No personal information allowed under 18.

>3. Personal information allowed for OVER 18-year-olds are Kik, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, GamerTags, Facebook, etc...)(If you are unsure if your Social Media fits into the "ETC...", feel free to message the mods) Don't share phone numbers.

>4. Please respect other users. If you do not agree or like a post please just move on.

>5. If possible, make your post as informative as possible, so people know more about you and can match your interests.

>6. Photos of yourself are allowed as long as they are SFW. (Safe for work)

>7. Soliciting money, goods, services, or favors is not allowed.

>8. NSFW posts must be tagged as such or will be removed.

Report nasty comments & posts. This makes your experience better, and our job easier. | :---------:|

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