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This is r/Meme_Battles! How it works:

  1. OP submits an image that is meme applicable.
  2. Users respond to the thread with memes created from the source image.


  • All titles must begin with "Meme Battle:"
  • This is case sensitive and must include a space after the colon!

  • Titles must objectively describe the subject of the image.

  • Don't submit pictures of you or your friends or whatever trying to become a meme. We will not only remove those posts but we will all laugh at you for being a sad pathetic person.

  • When commenting your memes, put your caption in an image.

  • Don't be a dick. Please upvote based on the quality of the meme. Please do not downvote memes just because they do not have obvious potential. Creativity is key!
  • Don't be a Normie!
  • All top level comments must be a meme. Please use direct image links, not an album.[​]

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