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Here, you can show appreciation for the extra mile taken to keep a meme S P I C Y as can be, or even jokingly point out a specific aspect of a meme that just seems too perfect, even if it wasn't added intentionally. Please be sure to make clear what specific detail you're spotlighting, either in the comments or in the body if you're making a text post.

Do you ever notice when the sun hits the bridge just right? Maybe you've wanted to show a bit more appreciation than just an upvote, but spent all your gold money on a novelty account? Well, /r/Memedetails is for you! For all of the clever little additions that make shitposts almost passable!


  1. Don't be an asshole. You may not think a post is funny or dank, or that another user should be called out for disagreeing or being different, but no one's interested in hearing about it here. We're just here to wallow in our lack of self-value.

  2. Don't post illegal or harmful content. Child porn, Threats of violence. Just use common sense.

  3. No summoning spirits or demons on the premises. We're still cleaning up the mess from last time.

  4. Don't neglect to mark a post as NSFW or as a spoiler.

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