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Men's Lib: Be the Men's Issues Conversation You Want to See in the World

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/r/MensLib: For the Development and Well-Being of Men.

Welcome! /r/MensLib is a community to explore and address men's issues in a positive and solutions-focused way. Through discussing the male gender role, providing mutual support, raising awareness on men's issues, and promoting efforts that address them, we hope to build a healthier, kinder, and more inclusive masculinity. We recognize that men's issues often intersect with race, sexual orientation and identity, disability, socioeconomic status, and other axes of identity, and encourage open discussion of these considerations.

Our Mission

The /r/MensLib mission is threefold.

  • To examine and address issues men face, individually and in society, through discussion, information-sharing, recruitment, and advocacy.

  • To model a healthy and effective men's issues movement, grounded in academic intersectional gender studies, that focuses on solutions, positivity, inclusivity, and mutual support.

  • To explore and revisit traditional models of masculinity, in order to promote the development of men as better and healthier individuals, participants in their relationships, and leaders in their communities.


Resources for Men Guide

The MensLib Glossary of Common Terms

/r/MensLibRary: The /r/MensLib Reading Group

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How does feminism help men? Check out this list of feminist resources tackling men's issues


See our wiki for a more in-depth explanation of our rules.

/r/MensLib is a space for constructive discussion of men's issues. Moderators reserve complete discretion to maintain a positive atmosphere, including removing comments and submissions, and banning offenders.

Commenting Rules

  • Be civil.

  • Be the men’s issues conversation you want to see in the world. Constructive criticism of our community is fine, but if you’re mainly interested in criticizing our approach, feminism, or other people's efforts to solve gender issues, and only somewhat interested in modeling a better discussion, we’re not interested.

  • Friendly debates are welcome, so long as you stick to talking about ideas and not the user. Comments attacking a user, directly or indirectly, are not welcome and will be removed.

  • Slurs and hatespeech are prohibited, including but not limited to racial and religious bigotry, sexism, ableism, homo/transphobia, etc...

  • Do not call other submitters' personal stories into question.

  • Do not invalidate other users' experiences because of their identities, gender or otherwise.

  • This is a pro-feminist community. Members are not required to identify as feminist, but if you disagree with this foundational approach you are welcome not to participate.

  • If you found yourself in a thread because of an external link do not vote or comment. If the moderators suspect this to be the case you may be banned for 1-∞ days.

  • Complaints about moderation are better served through modmail.

  • Don't be uncivil.

Posting Rules

  • When making a link post, please prompt the discussion by posting a top-level comment with your perspective or questions.

  • Image links must be submitted as a self-post.

  • Do not editorialize headlines. A good rule of thumb is to use the original or Reddit-suggested headline.

  • Links to reddit must be approved by the moderators beforehand.

  • No "outrage porn"-type articles. Additionally, if you have a negative story or experience to share or want to get something off your chest please ask the moderators first or post it as a comment in our "Free Talk Friday" thread.

  • Meta-discussion should be kept in the weekly Free Talk Friday post unless pre-approved by the mod team.

  • Posts consisting primarily of video or audio should be submitted through modmail for approval.


  • We do not discuss "financial abortion" in the context of consensual sex. More on this policy here.

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