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Heavy Metal Memes

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Memes, humour, and other lighthearted things related to heavy metal.

New Rules:

  • Memes pertaining to a single band must be about a band listed in the Metal Archives.

  • Memes, gifs, and comics not about a single band must be metal-related; they must have content that is relative to metal music and themes.

  • Fat Axl Memes are BANNED. Guns N Roses is NOT a metal band, and they do NOT have an entry on The Metal Archives.

  • Main subreddit: /r/Metal

  • High quality images: /r/MetalPorn
  • Other cool metal-related subreddits:
  • /r/Metaljerk
  • /r/progmetal
  • /r/Dreamtheater
  • /r/symphonicmetal
  • /r/MajorMovieMistakes
  • /r/metalguitar
  • /r/metaldrums

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