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Metalcore is a fusion genre blending Metal & Hardcore

/r/Metalcore is dedicated to news, reviews, videos and discussion of Metalcore bands

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Rules and Guidelines

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If you are submitting a song include the artist and song name in the title.
  • Format: Artist - Song Title (Additional Info Here)
Direct links to images are not permitted in \/r/Metalcore.
  • Instead, put the image inside of a self post in order to inspire as much discussion as possible
  • In addition, memes are not permitted.
No discussing leaks or linking to piracy
  • This includes asking for leaks. Breaking this rule may result in at least a 2 week ban.
No reposting of songs within 4 months of each other
  • Please check that your song hasn't been posted within that time.
No "Full Album" Youtube posts
  • Try to just post one song at a time
Self-Promoting your band is only allowed in the monthly Check Out My Band thread
Ticket sales, ticket trades, and other offers where money is involved are not permitted
Don't be a dick
Blacklisted bands

||| ---|--- August Burns Red | Parkway Drive Bring Me The Horizon | The Devil Wears Prada Architects | A Day To Remember

For more information on the blacklist click here.

Monthly Threads

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Check Out My Band Thread

Free-Talk Thread

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