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Welcome to the Metallica Family

Submission Policies

Updated 11/17/16

Encouraged posts:

  • Mature discussions that promote community input. ("What do you think the meaning is behind Unforgiven?").

  • Awesome videos or music.

  • Rare or otherwise notable merchandise.

  • News about the band.

  • Similar posts about other bands that are directly related to Metallica (Your sweet cover of Hit the Lights, Mustaine talking about his Metallica days, etc.)


  • Memes.

  • Look what I bought! threads (unless the merchandise is decidedly notable).

  • Discussions that have been had many times or don't actually encourage discussion ("What's your favorite album?", "does anyone else like St. Anger?")

Not allowed:

  • Leaks. If the post or comment is directly referencing, or asking for a link to an album leak, it will be removed. This is due to the best interest of the band.

  • Hate speech.

If the post meets the criteria for a valid post but is clearly not a great post, let's let the downvotes do the talking. Opposite of that also applies (With the exception of Leaks and Hate Speech).

If the post doesn't need to be a link post, don't post a link and instead, make a self post.

If you want to discuss or highlight an officially released song then make a self post and describe why you like the song rather than posting a link with a title of "what an underrated gem".

Movie Spoiler Tags

Syntax goes like this: ^Spoiler

And it shows up like: Spoiler

Spam Filter

If you think your submission has been caught in the spam filter, it probably has. Please feel free to message us!

Please report any posts or comments that you think might be breaking the rules. In a case of emergency, try contacting the moderators.

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