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r/ Metroid: A new look

News, discussion and fan work about the iconic Metroid series from Nintendo.

Metroid chronicles the missions of bounty hunter Samus Aran who protects the galaxy from the depredations of the Space Pirates, their evil leaders Ridley and Mother Brain, and their attempts to harness the power of the eponymous Metroids.

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1. Post must be relevant to Metroid

> Links and posts must be relevant to Metroid, including games and other Nintendo related games and external media. These usually include official news, fan artwork/music/fiction/ect., speedruns, screenshots, reviews/stories/articles. Memes/image macros are not allowed. Do not post links have a vague resemblance to Metroid, are not Metroid related at all, or unofficial news/rumors without good sources.

2. Link to the source

> When posting other artists' work, always provide a link to the source. Please try and link to the original artist's site/deviantart/etc, or provide a source in the comments (use Google's reverse image search if you don't have the source image). If the work is your original content, please mark it as "[OC]". Do not claim other artists' work as your own.

3. Be respectful

> Do not instigate flame wars or fandom arguing. Be respectful of other users.

4. Don't endorse emulation and hacking

> Discussion of emulation and hacks is allowed, but you cannot link or endorse them. If you wish to share Metroid hacks, please do so privately or on another website or forum

5. Tag spoilers

>Tag all spoilers using this formatting: [ spoiler is placed in here] (/"spoiler") without brackets Example: spoiler is placed in here

6. No porn

> Questionable (i.e. lurid) content is allowed if tagged appropriately, but pornography and R34 content is not.

7. Limit Let's Plays

> Video content such as speedruns is allowed, but Let's Plays are allowed only for the first episode. Do not spam them.

8. Armorless cosplays must be self-posts

> Armorless cosplays must be self-posts by the cosplayer, rule 6 still applies.

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