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Miami: The only major US city conceived by a woman, Julia Tuttle (/r/Miami)

Welcome to /r/Miami, Our Rules

  • Be excellent to each other. If it isn't a productive comment or contribution, don't make it.

  • Please report off-topic posts and offensive comments

  • We abide by reddit's rules regarding posting personal information. Please read this before posting any sort of personal information.

  • Do not post pictures of other people clearly taken without their permission.

  • Offensive content of any kind will not be tolerated. Repeat offenders will be banned. If you are being harassed by another user, please message the mods. Harassment is absolutely not tolerated in /r/Miami.

  • Unplanned AMA's are not permitted. However, if you are interested in doing one please message the mods with proof. Only serious proposals will be considered.

Please browse /r/Miami and /r/VisitingMiami before posting and search to see if you are making a repost! Reposts will be immediately removed.

  • Do post: local news, funny and interesting content, events, posts about Miami history and culture, missing person/pet alerts, informative self-posts (i.e. wise advise, time-sensitive warnings, PSA's), posts about freebies, lost/found posts, job listings (consider crossposting to /r/SoFloJobs), new apps/programs (as long as they're related to Miami), broad discussions (please flair)*

  • Don't post: questions that Google can answer, memes, complaint/rant/stream-of-consciousness posts, personal blogs, blogspam (please report), content over a year old, any content unrelated to Miami and South Florida, facebook links, selling/looking for posts (see /r/MIAList), editorialized titles/incendiary posts, pictures of people taken without their consent

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If there's anything else that you think really needs to be on the sidebar, message the moderators.

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