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"Who ever said that pleasure wasn't functional?" Charles Eames

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A community for enthusiasts of mid century modern design. From Charles and Ray Eames to Paul McCobb and Adrian Pearsall.

Guidelines and rules below are considered a "living document" and will continue to evolve as this subreddit grows. If you have questions or concerns, please message the mods to share your thoughts and opinions.


We encourage you to submit photos, questions and links relevant to mid century modern design, whether sharing a personal story or interesting content that you have found online.

  • Photo and link posts must include sufficient context in the title, imgur descriptions or a seed comment in the thread.

  • ID requests must include as many details as possible to help community members provide a positive identification

How to make an interesting post

  • Photos alone do not provide enough context - include information about the piece that you're sharing so the community can learn more about it. Here's an example.

  • Did you make an amazing score? Let us know if you picked up rare items, got a good deal, or ask questions about how to restore them, let us know! Here's an example

The following types of content will be removed

  • Posts that do not adhere to the rules of the subreddit
  • Posts that do not include information about the items or links being shared
  • Blogspam, linkbait and sites with excessive advertising
  • Dealer linkdrops (posting your items for sale without approval)
  • Images of furniture violated by tasteless painting, "distressed" or "shabby chic" treatments


Most external content can be posted directly. However, we are requiring pre-approval for some types. Please read below to determine if your content requires you to contact the mods prior to posting, or if it may be prohibited.

  • Feel free to post articles, resources, how-to guides, biographies, writeups, etc. hosted on sites without ads or with minimal advertising

  • Contact the mods to obtain approval for posting for links to stores, deals and offers, or relevant ads


We encourage civil, but lively discussion, and most of all, we want you to have fun. However, doing the following will result in warnings and/or a ban.

  • Attacking or harassing other users

  • Posting personal information (names, addresses, links to social profiles)

  • Asking for help on how to conceal damage to furniture to make it appealing for buyers


Buying Resources

Collecting Guides

Authentic vs Reproduction

Brand and Product Histories


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