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MilitaryGfys: Military moments from around the world

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Welcome to MilitaryGfys

A place for sharing military moments from around the world and throughout history.

A wide range of content is allowed and encouraged including clips of training & demonstrations, humorous happenings, historical events, combat footage, vehicles & aircraft, descriptive/educational material and more.

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Posts hosted by Imgur must be .gifv not .gif.
Limit daily amount of submissions to no more than 5.
Please use the search function before submitting, reposts will be removed.
Source must be included in the post. The only exception is if the source footage is not available on the net, e.g. from a DVD.

Multiple crossposts of content from this subreddit to others without proper credit will be met with a ban.

Submissions must be marked NSFW as necessary.

For help, see the Making Gfys Tutorial in our Wiki.

We recognize that combat footage and graphic violence often go hand in hand, but we ask that you use some discretion before submitting content that is especially gory and/or grim.

Additionally this is an un-biased forum, however submissions containing blatant and unwarranted racism/slurs as well as public criticisms and denunciation will not be tolerated and should be reported.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but please make an effort to maintain healthy & civil conversation within the comments. Assholes will be banned.

Do not submit:




Acts of terrorism

Deliberate and/or excessive collateral damage

Violent Protests


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