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Guys and Gals in uniform

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  1. Please use a gender tag [F] or [M] otherwise your post will be removed.

  2. Male submissions will be restricted to Monday only.

  3. Military uniforms, dog tags, military scenarios, military vehicles, guns, camo gear or clothing, all of these count as good to go! If you are wondering if it is ok to post something then just let me know and I can give you a verdict.

  4. BLUR ALL DOG TAGS IF VISIBLE. The reason being that we do not want to put these men and women in uniform in any danger by sharing, granted they knew the risks when they took the pictures we have a duty to attempt to make sure they can share another day.

  5. Please label how many pictures if it is an album.

  6. Please flair non-nude submissions upon posting [NN]

  7. If it is a self post please use verification.

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