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Beautiful images of rocks and minerals

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  1. High res images are preferable. (Text posts are okay too)
  2. Include the mineral's name in titles.
  3. Images should be rehosted on imgur or something similar.
  4. If the mineral has been cut, polished, dyed or treated somehow, and it's not obvious, indicate that in the title. Also if it is not a image of a mineral (such as artwork).
  5. Don't be mean. If you think we need to be more specific here, this is probably directed at you.
  6. Reposting a mineral that has already been featured here is okay, so long as you don't use an identical image.
  7. Posting minerals from your personal collection is allowed and encouraged!


  • /r/geologyporn
  • /r/rockhounds
  • /r/whatsthisrock

Mineral Collecting (buying) Guide (for beginners)

Found at our wiki (updated May 14th, 2015).

Mineral Show Dates & Locations (USA, Canada, Australia):

LINK-Sortable by state/area (Write down the address and information about the show before the day it starts because they will take down the information for shows the day it starts. This list does not show every mineral show, but it's a good list.)

Educational Albums:

Fake Mineral Educational Albums

Mineral ID Contest Champions

  • /u/sailthetethys: 4/5/14 - Thread
  • /u/Prismine: 4/18/14 - Thread
  • /u/ohjamesk: 5/5/14 - Thread

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