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Disturbing the sound of silence

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Minions™ are a marketing ploy first introduced in 2010. They are now the Facebook mascots of seventh graders, way2random girls, grandmothers, Donald Trump and generally obnoxious people.

Universal Pictures™ is the studio that created the Minions™. Comcast™ owns Universal Pictures™ and they are now the owners of the rights to Minions™. In summation: Comcast™ is responsible for the existence of Minions™ and uses them to over saturate the market in a scheme I'm calling 'hyper-merchandising'. This ensures that they're turning a profit from the sale of a vast range of miscellaneous products being sold today. Minions™ are no longer just used for advertising related to Despicable Me™ and Minions™ and can even be found in ads for things like snack cakes, misc junk food, fruit, candy, broadband internet, video games, movies etc etc. Comcast™ makes money from the sale of all of these items and more. This money is then used to systematically lmao all over the rights of the general public.


Always follow reddiquette

1. As a general rule; posts should be Minion™ related. Good posts will be poorly created Minion™ content. Examples: here, here and here

  • If you have a story about an obnoxious Minion™ lover, feel free to share it here

2. You must read this post before submitting any text post

  • Do not submit a text post without first following the instructions above

3. If linking to an image always use an image host

4. When using screen caps of social media censor all names and identifying info

5. No racism, homophobia, or anything related

6. Don't be a dick

7. No statements or implications of violence against any named or pictured human individual

8. If your content is NSFW mark it as such

We would like this to be a place to discuss and provide examples of all over-marketing and it's consequences. Not all marketing in general, just the type of blatant saturation of the market like we see with Minions™. So, if you have something along those lines, that doesn't necessarily have to do with Minions™, feel free to share it with us as well.


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