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Mitchell and Webb

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Anything to do with British comedy duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb (including Peep Show.


Rule name | Description ---|--- Submissions must be on topic.| All submissions must be related to the British comedy duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Please include the TV show name in the title. | This isn't so much a rule but it'd be helpful if you did. No Spam | Spam/self-promotion is not allowed. If more than 10% of your submissions are from the same domain, YouTube channel or similar you are a spammer and will be banned! Keep it civil! | Please keep all comments/posts civil. Breaking this rule may result in a ban. Spoiler Rules | No spoilers in the title! Submissions with spoilers in must be tagged. No recent reposts. | No reposts from the last month or commonly posted content.

Frequent or extreme rule violations will result in a ban.

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