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Moescape, for cuteness and awe

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/r/Moescape is a place to post all of your favorite artworks and screen caps of cute Anime characters in their environment. The emphasis should not be JUST on the character, it should be shared with the background and landscape as well. This is ideally a balance between awe and awww~, but any environment oriented art is acceptable, as long as it has a character.


-Please try to keep your submission safe for work. Overly lewd images and pornography are not allowed and will be removed accordingly.

-No photographs. No matte paintings which look like photos.

-No more than four posts per day, and no more than twelve pictures per album.

-The Redditbooru Repost Checker works with /r/Moescape! Please be sure to use it! Reposts from less than 6 months ago will be removed.

-Recomended hosting sites are: Redditbooru, imgur, and Gfycat. You should use them to direct link to images or albums you want to post, rather than linking to a website. With the exception of DA and any such site that has full RES support.

-Please append [Franchise Name] or [Original] to your titles, [Original] meaning the image features no known franchise.

-Additionally, if at all possible, please post the source of your image as a comment. Don't know either the source or franchise? Use SauceNao or IQDB to find it.

-If your submission is a cross-post, please be sure to label it as such with the following "[X-post from --]" tag.

-Lastly, this is a friendly place. Bullying, unfunny trolling, disrespect, and blatant insults will not be tolerated.

-[This is our spoiler format.](/spoiler)

-List of comment faces. (Script)

-Rehost from danbooru tool

-Redditbooru Tweaks

-Come join us on Moechat IRC !

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