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The Monster Girl Reddit

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Welcome to The Monster Girl Subreddit

This Subreddit is loosely based around the Monster girl genre of pornography,Which involves "Monster girls" (women with slightly animal like traits(cat ears snake tale for legs), but not to the degree you see in furries) and often involves the Monstergirls having some sort of attraction to sex (Thinks semen is a food group, is uncontrollably lusty, etc.).

Forum Guide lines

> > Posts should be atleast related to monstergirls
> >Automoderator works on this subreddit, and has an active black-list.
we recommend using imgur! > >No Loli if posted it will be removed > >This includes any character with a child-like form, even if the manga specifically states they're of age, its the child like form that isn't allowed. > >However if the character that looks childlike is removed, you can post it here Example in this post

Other Subreddits with Monstergirl stuff

>/r/MermaidGirls > >/r/MonsterMusume > >/r/Lamia/ > >/r/nekomimi (catgirls) > >/r/kitsunemimi (fox girls) > >/r/SlimeGirls > >/r/SpiderGirls > >/r/Ookamimi (Wolf girls) > >/r/MonsterGirlRP (for "role playing") > >/r/SFWmonstergirls: Non porn related

Other good Subreddits Based around hentai

> >/r/Hentai (NSFW) > >/r/ecchi (slightly more SFW) > >/r/HentaiManga/(porn comics) > >/r/doujinshi(also porn comics) If you find any monster-girl related things please post them here! Or if you know of another Monstergirl subreddit that isn't in this list, message us so I can add it to the list

Monster Girl related sites

> >Monster Girl Unlimited > >MGbooru > >Also You can track this Subreddits Growth Here

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