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Monster Hunter

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>Looking for people to hunt with? Check out /r/MonsterHunterClan!

>_____ >MHGen Monster Megathread -

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Subreddit Rules:

  1. Keep posts relevant! All posts must be related to Monster Hunter. Posts only related to MH through the title or superimposed text are only allowed on Fridays between 12am and 11:59pm PST and must have the "Not-MH" or "Fluff" flair. This must be in direct reference of Monster Hunter either for comedic effect or discussion. Pictures of cats just because cats exist in Monster Hunter won't do. >Memes are allowed, but with caveats: they need to be relevant, they need to be OC, and we will ban them if they get out of hand on our subreddit. They're also unpopular, so the community often downvotes rather than upvotes memes.

  2. SEARCH BEFORE POSTING! More likely than not, your question or concern has been answered before! At the very least, scroll through a couple pages of the subreddit before asking. We've had a TON of posts about system transfer, and it has been outlined front to back. Your question is likely answered! If you cannot find an answer after searching, then post.

  3. Please refrain from describing methods or procedures of how to obtain Monster Hunter titles illegally. However, it is permitted to post altered quest files and other mods, as most of that is legal. Message the mods if you are unsure.

  4. Any posts of simply showing you bought the game are non-content and will be removed. Feel free to ask questions as a new comer but posting a pic saying "Hey guess what I got!" doesn't contribute.

  5. Have fun! Monster Hunter is all about fun, and the community has always been awesome. So have fun, be awesome, and be nice! >Raithian25: the spam filter doesn't have a code to live by and terrorizes everyone.
    So if the spam filter is acting up, please message the mods.

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