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Monstrous Humanoids Enjoying Beautiful Women

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Welcome to /r/MonsterMen, a subreddit for pictures of male humanoid monsters and the beautiful women they mate with. A subreddit for Orcs, Minotaurs, Werewolves, Lizardmen, Trolls, Ogres, and all other MonsterMen.

Plenty of content to come. I will post five pictures a day until at least May.


Pictures Must Include

  1. MonsterMen. Male monsters that have hands or walk on two legs generally qualify.

  2. Traditionally attractive females. Monstrous or furry women do not qualify.

  3. Sexual suggestiveness. Perhaps a cock. Perhaps a scantily clad female.


Pictures Must NOT Include

  1. Lolis.

  2. Male on male. Male on futanari. Futa on futa.

  3. Animated content such as gifs and videos. Post to /r/MonsterMenAnimated instead.

  4. Gore.


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