The darkest recesses of humanity

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Welcome to /r/MorbidReality, a subreddit devoted to the most disturbing content the internet has to offer. Here, we study and observe the darkest aspects of life and human nature.

Keep in mind, a good post should foster insightful discussion by making you contemplate your humanity and life's struggles.

If you are unsure about how to conduct yourself in this subreddit, a good rule of thumb to follow is to remain respectful and thoughtful at all times.


Make use of the downvote arrow and report button when encountering rule-breakers.

>###Breaking any rule is grounds for an immediate ban.

  1. Humor at the expense of someone's pain is strictly prohibited. Refrain from posting jokes, memes, puns, reaction gifs and wordplays. Comments should contribute to thoughtful and serious discussion only.

  2. Refrain from promoting hate speech, racism, sexism, religion-bashing, name-calling, insults, and any other abusive/threatening language. "Abusive language" includes posts which are malicious or insulting in nature. Even if the person you are insulting committed a heinous act, do not describe how they should be punished if given the chance. Keep it in /r/justiceporn.

  3. Submission titles must be descriptive and accurate enough to understand exactly what the content is inside. Some people are particularly sensitive towards certain topics (e.g. animal abuse, torture) and would rather not look at it in the first place. This also helps prevent sensationalist and biased titles. Posts that have misleading titles will also be removed.

  4. Please provide verification from a reliable source for your submission. This is especially important with submissions that consist only of image(s) or video(s). Posts that are fake/fiction will be removed, even if they depict something that happens in real life. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram screenshots or links are not allowed.

  5. No submissions that rely solely on gore and aesthetics in order to be disturbing. We care about the story more often than the actual graphic content. The focus of this subreddit is to focus on personal struggle, not just pictures of gore, dead bodies, and deformities. If you want to submit or look at pictures without context behind them, there are many subreddits listed below that can cater to your needs.

  6. This subreddit revolves around the morbidity of human nature and human-related activities. Therefore, your submission must have a direct correlation with people (e.g., a lion killing a zebra would not be allowed here).

  7. Check the new tab and search bar before you make a submission. Reposts within 6 months of each other will be removed.

  8. Reddit's official rules are also enforced.

Everything this subreddit is marked NSFW and NSFL by default. If you ask why a submission is NSFW/NSFL you will most likely get banned.


Announcements and General Information

  • Trying to cope with suicidal thoughts? Know a friend struggling with depression? /r/SuicideWatch and /r/SWResources provide counseling and hotline services that may be of use to you.

  • Text-based posts are for making requests, posting multiple links, or to engage morbid-related discussion. Want to make a post describing a morbid event you experienced? Consider posting to /r/offmychest /r/self, or /r/casualiama instead.

  • To keep this community healthy, adhere to Reddiquette when possible. If your post/comment isn't a contribution, don't post it at all.

  • Don't downvote someone just because you disagree with their opinion. Reserve your downvotes for the rule-breakers.

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