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The Most Beautiful Things in the World

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Finding beauty in the world around us.

Feel free to post anything that you consider beautiful but please read our rules before submitting or commenting here.


No reposts unless the content is 6 months old and archived. Please do a keyword search or use KarmaDecay before posting to check if an image has been posted here before. Do not repost images in the top 100 submissions of all time.

2. Attribution

Please credit content creators (photographers/artists/source of the content you're posting) either in the title or in the comments. If you habitually submit unattributed content here or ignore requests for attribution, your future submissions may be filtered. Use TinEye or Google reverse image search to try and identify the photographer/artist.

Include (OC) in the title when submitting original content or say so in the comments.

If you are crossposting content originally and recently submitted to another sub, use the native crosspost feature which makes attribution easier.

3. Image quality/resolution

Please avoid submitting poor-quality, extremely low-res images.

4. Post/submission limit

Do not submit more than two images within a 24-hour period, whether OC or non-OC. Any more than this will be removed and you may be requested to post the other image(s) some other time.

5. NSFW images

NSFW images must be labeled as such as a courtesy to users who would prefer not to view them.

6. Direct links

Please use direct links to images hosted on Reddit, Imgur, or Flickr. The URL must end in .jpg or .png.

7. Be nice

Remain civil in your interactions with others and follow reddiquette.

  • Posts and comments may be removed if they break the rules or are deemed to be unsuitable for the sub. Users' posting privileges may be restricted at the moderators' discretion.

  • If you see a rule-breaking post or comment, please click on the report button under it to bring it to our attention. For other concerns or questions about the sub, message us.

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