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Moto X

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Phone Info

The Moto X has been Motorola's flagship Android smartphone since 2013. Paving the way with innovations in hardware and software, Motorola is now onto the 3rd generation of Moto X. The 3rd generation includes two phones, the Moto X Style and the Moto X Play. Both devices are distinctly different in hardware, but not in software. In the US, the Moto X Style is branded the Moto X Pure Edition, and the Play is not available there. The Pure Edition works on every US carrier, right out of the gate. One model, all carriers.


Motomaker let's you customize the color of your Moto X. You can choose the front and back color, as well as the metallic accent color. With a big variety of colors, leathers, and woods, you can truely make your Moto X yours.

Design a 2014 Moto X

Design a Moto X Style (UK)

Design a Moto X Pure Edition (US)

Design a Moto X Play

Useful Guides & Information

2014 Color Combo Guide

Style Color Combo Guide

Motorola Customer Support

Motorola Owner's Forum

Motorola Feedback Network Info

How to Get Included in a Soak Test

Dropped your phone or broke your screen?

Moto X Warranty Information (for all countries)

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