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A wise person once said...

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Dedicated to nuggets of sage wisdom, told as though from someone meditating atop a mountain. Grandfatherly quotes, pearls of old-time wisdom, and insightful mantras are all welcome. We only ask that you remain polite, encouraging, and thoughtful in your posts and responses. Enjoy your stay.

Made because of this mountain wisdom.


  1. Be polite in comments. No Racism, No Bigotry, No Bullying. We're all here to learn and appreciate. Start by appreciating each other.

  2. Discuss whatever you like in the comments; origin of the wisdom, your interpretations, crack a joke, or to give praise. Just keep it civil and respect rule 1.

  3. No memes or low effort posts please. If you find a meme/motivational poster/image macro that you really feel has some deep, awakening wisdom in it, do an exercise in remembering and type it out into a text post, with a link to the origin.

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