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Movie Suggestions

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  1. Be excellent with each other. Be mindful regarding spoilers.

  2. Submissions should be either Requests or Suggests. Anything else gets removed. Television suggestions go to r/televisionsuggestions.

  3. If Requesting, try to give as much detail as possible for the film you want.

  4. For Suggests, provide a single suggestion of a movie to watch. Please wait six months before suggesting a previously recommended movie. Neutral sources only, this subreddit isn't your link farm.

  5. No film reviews. For reviews, try /r/TrueFilm, /r/moviecritic or /r/videoessay.

  6. Recommend only released films.

  7. If you're looking for a movie you saw a long time ago and can't remember the details, try /r/tipofmytongue. If you're here to suggest the creation of a movie, try /r/pitchamovie or /r/scriptprompts.

  8. Discuss piracy elsewhere and do not provide links. There's other subreddits for that.

  9. No Shilling.

  10. No Bots.

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