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/r/Mr_Trump is the shitpost epicenter for Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. It's about time we Make Reddit Great Again.


Yes, this sub is for serious supporters. /r/The_Donald is great for serious discussion, important news, and the occasional rare pepe. We're the antithesis of serious discussion and important news. Respect our rules or you'll be tactically trebucheted over the wall.



1. No Concern Trolling.

2. Trump supporters only. (Everyone else will be thrown over the wall.)

3. No Racism/Anti-Semitism

4. No personal info on non-public figures (doxxing)

5. Don't be a cuck.

6. No Vote Manipulation, Brigading, or Asking for Votes 😉

7. No spamming.


Our Mission

To redpill as many people as possible through the election of Donald Trump. Don represents a new right-wing party we're excited to see where he takes American politics.


Official Links

> - Campaign Website
> - Staff + Campaign HQ
> - Facebook
> - Twitter
> - Instagram


Dank Subs

> - /r/The_Donald > - /r/HillaryForPrison > - /r/TheNewRight > - /r/The_Ivanka > - /r/HottiesForTrump > - /r/Mr_Trump



> - /pol/ > - RSBN

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