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A Safe Haven for MAAB Transgender People

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Rules (read before posting):

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Some|Rules :-:|:-:|:-: 1. Respect other users|... Even when those users show disrespect themselves. We're better than the trolls and haters, and we can show that by not rising to take the bait. Be respectful, and we'll all be happier for it. 2. No abuse|Abuse is absolutely banned here, and is treated extremely seriously. Abusive users will be banned. 3. Discrimination is forbidden|There is no such thing as "valid discrimination," and this sub will remove any post or comment that demonstrates racism, sexism, body shaming or any other bigotry you care to name. Equality is the watchword. 4. Non-binary does not mean non-trans|Non-op, genderqueer, agender or any other denomination of transgender is still transgender. Treating a person like they're lesser or somehow inferior because they're non-binary is immoral, and shows a clear lack of understanding. 5. Asking for birthnames is not cool|Asking for, or posting, a person's personal information can be dangerous, and it's also against the site-wide rules. 6. Malicious reporting is abuse|Maliciously reporting someone who doesn't break our rules spams the report system, and it's against the site-wide rules. Don't do it. 7. ABSOLUTELY NO PORN!|There are places online which cater to that particular fetish, but this is not one of them. 8. Tag any NSFW stuff|If you got a cool tattoo or something else that's incidentally NSFW, please tag it as such. 9. Destructive criticism is abuse|It's hard to convey inflection and intent via text. What may seem like tough love to one person may come across as hatred or abuse to another. It's not helpful, don't do it. 10. No soliciting medical advice|We're not doctors and we can't vouch for the safety or validity of any medical information. Posts that ask for or give advice on how to obtain or use DIY hormones will be removed, as will comments that explicitly state where to get black-market drugs. These are dangerous medications, not toys. 11. Submissions or comments from users with 0 or less karma will be removed|This is to prevent trolling. If you have less than 0 karma, you won't be allowed to submit here. This is a hard rule. 12. No "X celebrity/politician is a transphobe" threads|We all probably already know and we don't need that kind of negativity in our Safe Space. 13. If you want to promote something, message the moderators first|This sub is a Safe Space, not a knowledge aggregator, not a traffic generator, and certainly not a public wallet. There are far better places like /r/transspace to post surveys or tell people about a trans-related service or group. (You should ask the mod(s) there before posting too.) 14. Do not disrupt the Safe Space|If the mods think you're being too much of an arsehole, but it's not covered by the rules, your post will be removed and you might be banned. We want to cultivate a warm, Safe Space environment, and anything that goes against that may be subject to removal and the submitter to disciplinary action. 15. Show restraint with selfies|Mark all selfies and posts containing selfies as spoilers. Please try to use restraint with quantity of selfies, we strive for a balance between images and text posts here. NO SELFIE TRAINS! Any selfies with a title encouraging others to post selfies themselves unless it's in the comment will be removed.

General Guidelines:

General|Guidelines :-:|:-:|:-: Comment with respect| It's important to remember that behind every username is an individual with motivations, goals, and problems just like you. We never really know what the situation is on the other side of the keyboard, so please try to be mindful of what you say and how you treat others. Vote with care| This is a safe place for people who need to talk about their life as a trans person. If we downvote posts and comments into the ground, we discourage free expression. Save your downvotes for trolls. "Will I pass" threads are discouraged| Whilst not banned, WIP threads are discouraged from being posted here. If you do post these threads, please accept that our official policy is honesty: if you do not pass, or might not pass in the future, subscribers are encouraged to tell you this (in the nicest possible way). We are not here to lie to you.

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