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A subreddit for anything to do with multicopters/quads/drones.

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Have a rotorcraft that has two or more horizontal rotors?

Then you're in the right place!

Bicopters, Tricopters, Quadcopters, Pentacopters, Hexacopters, Octocopters, indeed any non-fixed-wing aircraft is very welcome here.



1 - Be civil.
  • Treat others with respect. Harassment of others is strictly forbidden. It is entirely possible to convey a differing opinion, without personally attacking others.

  • If you feel that you're not mature enough to abide by this rule, then please refrain from commenting.

2 - Vote based on quality, not opinion.
  • If you think something contributes to conversation, upvote it. If you think it does not contribute to the subreddit or is off-topic, then downvote it.

  • Don't use downvotes because someone's opinion differs to yours.

3 - Check the wiki/search the subreddit before posting.
  • If you think your question might have been asked before, then be sure to have a read through the wiki and search the subreddit to see whether there is already an answer out there.
4 - Use the weekly discussion sticky.
  • If you have a question, or want to talk about something that you don't think warrants a full thread, then ask it in the stickied weekly discussion thread.
5 - No referral or affiliate links
  • Please be open about using affiliate links and don't just hide them in a link shortener, otherwise your post will be removed.

  • We are also going to trial the use of our own affiliate link for banggood, to see whether there is any benefit and if prizes for future competitions, can be generated through this. The r/multicopter affiliate link for banggood is: p=0617216344452014067S. If you'd like to use this link, then just add it to the end of any product you buy.

6 - This is multicopter, not racingdronezonly
  • If you feel that a particular submission is not relevant to your interests, that's ok, you can scroll past it, without having to show your disagreement. Refer to rule 2, if you're unsure how to proceed.
7 - No spamming.
  • Make sure you participate in the community. If you find that you're only posting links to your site/channel to generate traffic, then you're probably spamming and your post will be removed.
8 - Flair your posts.
  • Make sure that you check your post, to see whether automod has been able to correctly flair it. If not, then please add your own. This helps people be able to search for the content they are after.
9 - Put some effort in to your posts.
  • To try and limit the number of low-effort posts, if posting a photo, video or link, you must include a relevant comment to start the conversation. Posts that don't include this, will be removed.
10 - Commercial Posts
  • Then make sure you use the "Commercial" flair. This includes reviews where you have received products for free, or if you are affiliate linking to products in your YouTube video. Please also refer to rule 7.
10 - No memes

* ...


What should I do if I see a rule violation?
  • Report the post or comment using the "report" button just below the post or comment (each has their own). Misuse of the report button, will result in being banned.
What will happen if someone isn't following the rules?
  • Depending on the individual case, there will be escalating outcomes, with a permanent ban being the final one.


Getting started with /r/Multicopter is really easy. We strongly recommend you check out some prior reading to help understand the concepts of building, maintaining, flying and working with multicopters.

Feel free to introduce yourself, look around and ask any questions you might have.

There is plenty of information scattered around various forums and references online, but we like to think we have a great consolidated starting point right here in the wiki.

The /r/Multicopter Wiki

If you think something is missing from the wiki, add it or message the mods.

Previous Question Threads.


Where to buy parts?

You can also browse the /r/rcclassifieds sub if you want a good deal when buying, selling or trading RC gear.

Additionally, the RCGroups Classifieds are fantastic and have a very fast turnover.


"Is there a way to get feedback on my parts list?"

/r/multicopterbuilds is designed specifically for build advice and buildlogs. Well worth a read if considering a new build.

Previous Build Logs

Please contribute your build threads to the main page in the wiki

Other RC Subreddits and Forums

  • /r/multicopterbuilds
  • /r/radiocontrol
  • /r/FPVvideos
  • /r/fpv
  • /r/diydrones
  • /r/djiphantom
  • /r/RCClassifieds
  • /r/fpvracing
  • /r/BrushlessGimbals
  • /r/UAVmapping
  • /r/Multirotor
  • /r/SouthwestPodRacing (US Regional subreddit)
  • /r/humandrones

Other sites are great for focussed build logs, product discussions, news and RC Talk:

Discord Chat Channel

There are a number of rooms within the channel but just ask if you want others added. If you don't already have an invite to the channel, then go to this link: Discord Invite (chat)

Unfocussed discussions and people complaining about Reddit (but still spending all their time here) can be found in the chat over on slack:

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