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Murdered By Words

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1. Post must include a Burn or Murder! - It has to be a targeted jab at another person, organization, or group of people. This is subjective, and is at moderator discretion.

2. No Reposts, even from other Subreddits. - Do not simply repost content that reached the front page on another subreddit because you want karma here. Your post will be removed the first time, and the second time you will be banned. An exception to this rule would be using the official cross-posting system that reddit implemented.

3. We Enforce Quality Control. - If your post doesn't fit the standards of this sub, or is just generally an eyesore, it could be removed. This is at moderator discretion.

 a. Old "facebook memes" from 2007 will get removed because no one likes them.
 b. If it's a terrible burn/murder, it may be removed. 
 c. If it's just a messy, uncropped screenshot, it may be removed.

4. We will take action against circle-jerking. - If some politician tweets something incredibly stupid, or another youtuber poses with a dead guy, there will be a flood of posts about it on this subreddit. We may remove posts pertaining to it during that time, depending on how many posts there are, and how popular they've gotten. Again, this is at moderator discretion.

5. No racism/sexism/homophobia - You guys know what racism, sexism and homophobia are. Don't do it.

6. No Brigading - If linked to another comment section, don't take part in it. Additionally, please link to np.reddit when linking to other subs.

7. Moderator Discretion is FINAL. - Many rules on the sub are enforced by moderators on post-by-post, comment-by-comment level. If you have a problem with a mod's decision, either go to the modmail, PM one of the top moderators, or visit us at our discord

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