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Murdered By Words

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Moderation FAQ


1. Post must include a Murder or Burn!

  • It has to be a targeted jab at another person, organization, or group of people. This is subjective, and is at moderator discretion. Learn more here

2. No reposts

  • It's simple: Do not repost content. Reposting content that is currently on the frontpage of the sub, in the top 25 of all time, or from the last 4 months may lead to a temporary ban. Learn more here

3. We enforce quality control

  • If your post doesn't fit the standards of this sub, or is just generally an eyesore, it could be removed. This is at moderator discretion. Learn more here

4. No circle-jerking

  • If some politician tweets something incredibly stupid, or another youtuber poses with a dead guy, there will be a flood of posts about it on this subreddit. We may remove or ban posts pertaining to it during that time, depending on how many posts there are, and how popular they've gotten. Learn more here

5. No hate speech

  • Bigotry is NOT tolerated on this subreddit. Do not post things that are racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic or of similar kind. Depending on the content, you may receive a ban, and your comment/submission will be removed. Again, you're not going to run up against this rule unless you attempt to do so.

  • IF a submission is a murder due to someone being racist, that may be accepted. Otherwise, there is zero tolerance. Learn more here

6. No Doxxing/brigading

  • Links to other subreddits, even np links are not allowed. Screenshots only. Screenshots from any source must obscure identifying information. The only exception is for people who are already public figures. Learn more here

7. Moderator discretion is FINAL

  • Many rules on the sub are enforced by moderators on post-by-post, comment-by-comment level. If you have a problem with a mod's decision, either go to the modmail, PM one of the top moderators, or visit us at our discord.

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