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The Reddit home of the NC State Wolfpack

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A reddit community for wolfpack students, staff, alumni, and fans!

r/ncsu rules:

  • No obviously inflammatory posts
  • If you're going to post a political thread, do it in a way that isn't flamebait.
  • Must be relevant to the NCSU community
  • No personal information of NCSU students or faculty
  • No overtly obscene or profane posts/comments
  • No posts that break NCSU's Student Code of Conduct
  • No advertising or "classifieds" posts. Includes apartment availability posts.
  • Do not report posts because you disagree with the content
  • Do not make rude or condescending posts. Multiple negative posts or posts that reflect poorly on the character of r/ncsu will get you banned from this subreddit
  • Adhere to rediquette
  • Follow all the rules of, downvote posts that don't contribute to the conversation, not posts that are controversial in nature
  • If you believe that your post is stuck in the spam filter, please use the 'message the moderators' link to let us know and we'll sort everything out

Useful Links:

NC State Homepage

Alumni Association

GoPack Student Ticketing

The Technician

NCSU Gmail

The Wolf Web



88.1 WKNC

Current Weather

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Useful Phone Numbers:

Campus Police: 919-515-3000

IT Help Desk: 919-515-4357

Transportation: 919-515-2210

Information Desk: 919-515-2100

Breaking News: 919-515-2411

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