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Hockey Ultimate Team

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When|Post :---:|:---: Every day| Trade & Wager/NHL Betting Monday|Mentor Monday Tuesday|Team Build Thursday|Team Build Friday|F it Friday


Current Cards


When |What | Solos :---:|:---:|:----:| Monday|Milestone (track)|1P, 1AS, 1S Tuesday|Prime Time|1P, 1AS, 1S Wednesday|TOTW (track)|3AS Thursday|Evolution|1P, 2AS, 2S Friday|Flashback|1P, 1AS, 1S


Card/Solo Release Schedule: All cards released at 5pm EST. P=Pro. AS=All Star. S=Superstar Current cards

RHC stands for Reddit Hockey Club.

Make "RHC" your team abbreviation or add it to your lineup name so that other redditors will know if they're playing another redditor.

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