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For all fans of public radio, this is a community designed to showcase really good radio stories — and the people who make them. All public radio fans welcome.

Want Flair?

Due to the mass of stations on the NPR network, we have decided to allow everyone to assign their own flair, limited to a station. Please refer to this list to find your station, and copy from the list, as:

> KPUB 91.7


Employee Flair

If you are an employee of NPR, a public radio production, or media affiliate, and want to be recognized in that capacity, please message the mods with proof and we will approve a special flair for you.

Public radio on social media

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Code of Conduct - Reddiquette

We invite you to be civil in your conversation. Try not to rely excessively on sarcasm, irony, or exaggeration; anything you want to say can be voiced without baiting or condescension. Differing opinions are welcome, but please don't engage with belligerents or those not acting in good faith.

Remember, we're all here because we want to be. Please be nice.

The mods reserve the right to maintain this community at their own discretion.

Specific Guidelines

  • Posts which are specifically about NPR or a public radio or media affiliate will be considered with additional moderation.
  • Reserve Self-Posts for specific requests (such as looking for a podcast, song, etc.) or discussions closely related to relevant recent NPR content (such as new hosts, changes in programs, FUNd-drives).
  • Absolutely no name-calling/bigotry.

Please report posts that are in violation of Reddiquette or the above guidelines. Disagreeing with a post is insufficient on its own to merit a report.


We are unaffiliated with NPR and its affiliates.

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