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Welcome to r/NSFWfunny. This sub is for NSFW posts that make you laugh out loud.


  1. A. Posts must be NSFW and funny. This means no normal porn with a joke title, no shitposts, and no nonNSFW posts. No pictures only containing text.

    B. If post is reposted within less than two months of the original it will be removed. If you see anyone breaking this rule please report the post so the mods can review it.

There are other subs listed below for that content.

  1. Only post direct links to images (unless it is a video). If the image needs to be re-hosted, use an approved domain (,, or cloud

  2. No direct links to 4chan as they can be 404’d. Screenshots of 4chan post can be submitted.

  3.  A. Spammers will be banned. Video links containing spam will be treated as spam.

    B. No YouTube links.

    C. No plugging your own stuff.

    D. No clickbait titles or links

  4. No URL shorteners, including in the comments.

  5. Cross-posting is fine as long as it is relevant to this sub.

  6. Absolutely no posts containing content with children. You will be immediately banned without warning.

Please report any post breaking these rules so that the moderators can review them.

Those who continue to break the rules will be banned based on the offense. This mean it could be a day, a week, or even permanently.

Other Announcements * Is your post not showing up in the new section? It was probably caught in the spam filter. Message the mods and it'll be reviewed.

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If you're willing to return the favor, message the moderators with your subreddit's name and I'll consider adding you to the list.

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