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The fastest format for fapping (/r/NSFW_HTML5)

> No minors, 18+ or you will be banned and reported

> NSFW content only, never NSFL

>Accounts =< 2 days old can not post

List of all NSFW subreddits



> ##Approved HTML5 Hosts

>* ONLY use these hosts all others will be removed


>* /r/gfycat


>* /r/MediaCrush


>* /r/webmup


>* /r/webmco


>* /r/pomfse

> ##Subs to help you find the sauce



>#Recomended Subreddits ||| :-|:-| /r/curvesarebeautiful|/r/Lesnaa /r/gettingherselfoff|/r/60fpsporn| /r/NSFWCostumes|/r/nsfw| /r/NSFW_GIF|/r/nsfw_gifs| /r/GirlswithGlasses|/r/ass| /r/BustyPetite|/r/Blowjobs| /r/Hotchickswithtattoos|/r/sexy_ed| /r/anal_gifs|/r/highresnsfw| /r/Find_My_Porn|/r/Oilporn| /r/Sexmachines|/r/quicky|

If you have any recommendations or want to become an approved submitter pm us here!|

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