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A place where Skype users can get their freak on

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Rules| ---|-- 18+ ONLY Selling Cam time is not allowed! Do not post any personal info in submissions or comments. Will be removed. More than one post in a 24 hour period by one user is considered spam. * Please report posts you see breaking these rules!

Post Info| ---|--- When making a post please state what you are looking for. [F4M][M4M][M4A], etc. If you want specifics, please post in the title not the body i.e. [want +30 Male][No couples], etc

Verifications| ---|--- * The sub is open to anyone posting, some accounts will not be verified so be wary of those.

  • To verify your account as one of the following: Verified Male, Verified Female, or Verified Couple. Click this link Please include a picture which shows all of the following on a hand-written note: date, reddit username, and /r/NSFWSkype. Also proof of gender is required. [Example] ( :)

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