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Skype fun for everyone!

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Welcome to r/NSFWSkype! Voyeurs, exhibitionists, and anyone who wants to use Skype are all welcome to post here in search for someone to chat (and especially cam) with!


1. No posting Skype usernames in your posts or your comments. Please utilize Reddit PM's for that.

2. No selling Skype services. Please visit r/sexsells if you are looking to sell Skype shows or if you are looking to purchase Skype shows. Please report any users who are attempting to sell shows.

3. No scamming, extorting, blackmailing, or catfishing other users. Please report anyone you find scamming, extorting, blackmailing, or catfishing.

4. Please format your title as "[*4*] Title"

F for Female, M for Male, T for Transgender, and R for Redditor (any gender)

or [Success] for a success story!

5. Must be 18+ to post.


Verifications are not, and never will be, mandatory. However, they are highly suggested. If you are already verified with a gonewild sub, you can have that verification transferred.

Otherwise, please send a pic to the moderators with the date, your username, r/NSFWSkype written on a piece of paper, and enough of your body to verify your sex. Face is not necessary if you choose not to include it. Historically, verified people have had a LOT more success finding people on here, so it is always suggested!


1. Don't write "PM'd" "I pm'd you" "check your inbox" or any other variant as a comment to a post. It doesn't add anything and just makes you look creepy and less appealing. People who do that tend to have less success.

2. Don't post too often. There's not necessarily a limit to how often you can post, but please don't post multiple times a day. It screams desperate, and doesn't lead to increased success.

3. Please be respectful. This is a place for fun, don't ruin the vibes. If someone rejects you, being disrespectful to them certainly isn't going to help you find a Skype friend, and a bad reputation might make it harder for you in the future.

4. Please be safe and smart. Guys: always make sure that you're talking to who you think you're talking to. Unfortunately, catfishers and scammers tend to prey on our willingness to take a risk in order to get that perfect Skype cam experience from a girl. Girls: I understand that sometimes guys can be creepy. Take your time to chat with them and vet them just to make sure that they seem cool enough to have the opportunity to have fun with you.

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