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Naked On Stage: for all to see!

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From the highbrow to the trashy - if they're naked, and on a stage, it fits here!

NakedOnStage is for showcasing those who flaunt it all on stage. We want pictures and videos of nudity and partial nudity, on stage and with an audience. For example:

  • Theatre, Opera, Ballet
  • Concerts, Gigs & Festivals
  • Striptease & Burlesque
  • Spring Break & Wet T-Shirt Contests
  • Performance Art & Galleries
  • Anywhere with a stage and an audience!

If you like artistic nudity, visit our sister sub ExtraMile, where actresses go the "Extra Mile" for realism, and perform un-simulated sex acts in mainstream movies!

To keep abreast of the latest naked theatre news, and maybe catch some theatrical nudity yourself in the flesh, check out /r/NudityReviews!

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