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Getting in Shape Gone Wild: Progress of the Whole Body

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I want to establish a community where adults (read: 18+) can post progress pictures in the nude because, let's face it, one of the big goals is to look good in anything AND in nothing. My big focus is for us to develop a more positive body image. I want everyone to learn to love themselves for the progress they've made, and draw inspiration from other members' achievements. This is for anyone looking to improve their health and body image, whether you're losing weight, bulking up, or toning up.

only 3 guidelines:

  • This is about progress, and a healthy body image--not sex. Show as much--or as little as you are comfortable.

  • Include your stats in the title if you want better feedback/advice. (example: "21/200/6'3. Gained 10, 10 more to go!") since this is about improvement, not sex, don't worry about m/f in the title unless you want to include it, since we will be able to figure out your sex, regardless.

  • Be respectful. Compliment when you think it's merited, but don't ever cut someone down. If you want critique (ex: "x lbs lost, where should I focus on toning up?"), just ask for it! Just remember: we're all working our asses off (literally), so play nice!

Things that belong in this subreddit:

  • Self portraits
  • Workout questions and advice
  • Diet questions and advice
  • Self posts about body image, frustration with your progress (so other members can help you stay on track), or any other aspect of the shaping-up journey

Happy posting!

Please remember that this is a new community. I've never done this before, so continue to post suggestions on how I can make it even better. In addition, over the next couple of weeks I will see who is posting consistently and contributing most to the community, and I will contact them about becoming a moderator. If you would like to mod, just message me and I'll check out your activity on the SR/watch out for your posts. If you're a positive, active community member then I will be honored to work on this subreddit with you

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