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Naruto: The Manga and Anime Series... And an ingredient in ramen.

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- >#Rules

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>Check out the Filter (sort posts by type) we have next to the search bar! >##1. Tag spoilers

>No spoilers in titles! >Spoiler tag anything beyond the anime. Current canon episodes are regarded as spoilers for 24h after the initial discussion thread is posted.

> Events, characters and other details from the movie/manga must be spoiler tagged until adapted/overtaken by the anime.

>See below for how to tag spoilers.

>##2. Flair & title your post properly

>Title your post so that someone can tell what it is about before opening it.

>No 1 worded titles, no clickbait/misleading titles

>Fanart should be sourced with artist name in the comments. Use Saucenao or Google Images.

>The same applies to cosplay. Make sure you source your cosplays and link to their own sites/pages. Links to aggregate sites will be removed.

>You must add link flair to your post.

>Click here for how to flair on mobile.

>##3. Read the FAQ

>Any question answered in the FAQ will be removed.

>##4. Limit low-effort submissions

>No low-effort memes or image macros. Use /r/dankruto

>Limit plain screenshots/gifs/caps/videos of the manga/anime. Anyone can post these, so try to put some effort in by adding descriptions and discussion questions with them.


>Do not repost anything from the top 100 all-time or within the last 3 months. Use the FAQ, Google, the search bar and the Filter next to it to ensure that you are not reposting recent content or already answered questions.

>No NSFW content. This includes obvious fetish posts, extremely provocative cosplays, actual nudity or hentai and so on. If you feel your post is a bit tame and doesn't violate this rule you can post it but flair it as NSFW. Use /r/Naruto_Hentai or /r/cosplaygirls instead.

>No Naruto Storm spam. Only news or official information related to the video game(s) are allowed. Everything else goes to /r/NarutoNinjaStorm.

>Kindly refrain from trolling in the sub.

>Common sense and self promotion policies are here


>Click the "spoiler" button to mark a post containing spoilers.

>How to apply the spoiler tag in comments:

>[Spoilers](#s "Put your text here")



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