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Neckbeard Nests: That's not lemonade

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Welcome to /r/NeckbeardNests! Feast your eyes on the wonderful nests of the internet's finest neckbeards!

Submission Guidelines

What makes a Neckbeard Nest?

A neckbeard nest must meet at least one of the following criteria

  • Extremely unsanitary conditions
  • Example
  • This isn't your average dirtiness... This is advanced dirtiness!

  • Extreme fandom / worship

  • Example
  • This includes Otakus, Bronies, Gamers, etc
  • Keep in mind that this is extreme (see below for guidelines)

  • Unique setting

  • Example
  • If it's in a place you wouldn't consider a normal living space, it's probably a neckbeard nest

The following are not neckbeard nests

  • Advanced setups

  • Example

  • A high-tech battlestation may indicate that one spends a lot of time gaming, but it does not constitute a neckbeard nest.

  • Advanced fandom

  • Example
  • While this person is probably a big fan of video games and anime, their room has not been completely claimed by it. They also appear to have their shit together.
  • If you think you're posting something that'll cause an argument, don't post it. We don't need any drama here because people disagree about how much is too much when it comes to being a fan of something.


  • Follow the submission guidelines

  • If using content from elsewhere on reddit, censor personal information. This includes usernames.

  • Don't be a dick

  • No touching of the hair or face

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