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NeedAFriend: Let's chat, vent, share, and feel better

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> #RULES > >1. Be polite and respect each other. > >2. This sub is only for friendships. Visit /r/r4r for dating instead. > >3. Do NOT give out any contact information or any personal information in public posts. Please send your contact information via a PM only. >

> >4. Please put a topic/interest in your post title. You can include A/S/L at the end of the title or in your post.
> >5. If you feel you are being harassed, you must notify the mods ASAP with proof (i.e. screenshots) > >6. Photos of yourself are allowed as long as it is SFW. Please do not ask for photos or force someone to post photos of themselves. The poster must post their photos willingly. > >7. Please don't spam the subreddit with multiple posts. If you post more than once every 3 days, it will be considered spam. > See rules with more details > > Questions? Contact the moderators here!

> #No replies? > > Read these suggestions first! > > If your posts don't get responses, please don't despair! You can also respond to other people's posts, try again another time, or visit one of the related subreddits below! > You can also pm (personal message) one of the moderators! We're always happy to talk! > Join the chatroom! > >* Sometimes the subreddit moderators will make comments to your posts to facilitate discussion.

> #About > The original creator of this subreddit was going through a very rough time in his life when he made it, but he still did his best daily to reach out to redditors and listen to their stories. Though he eventually found he needed to leave reddit to battle his demons, we will try our best to be here to listen to you. > > You are always welcome to post and talk, private message others, discuss and share in a supportive manner!


> #Sister Subreddits Note: please don't ask us to place your external website in this list. We will say no because there is no way for us to ensure that it will help to people. Full List! > meet other redditors: > /r/makenewfriendshere > /r/GFD /r/penpals > /r/r4r (dating/hooking up) > /r/internetfriends > by medium: > /r/kikpals > /r/skypepals > /r/snapchat > /r/dirtysnapchat > /r/steamfriend (gaming) > /r/playdate (gaming) > for teens: > /r/teenagers
> /r/teenkik

> #Get and give support: > /r/kindvoice > /r/randomactsofcards > /r/mmfb > /r/foreveralonewomen > /r/getwell > /r/togetheralone > /r/depression > /r/suicidewatch > /r/introvert > /r/socialanxiety > /r/anxiety > /r/lonely > /r/relationships > /r/lgbt > learning/how to: > /r/howtonotgiveafuck > /r/socialskills > /r/getmotivated > > have questions? > /r/needadvice > /r/askwomen > /r/askmen > > just share: > /r/offmychest > /r/rant > /r/self > > > Also, if you are new to reddit, this subreddit is for you: > /r/newtoreddit

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