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Neuropsychology: Links, Resources, and Discussion

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Information about neuropsychology, neuroanatomy, neurodevelopment, studying neuropsychology, being a neuropsychologist, and related topics. Full-text articles and well-written science journalism write-ups of recent papers are especially encouraged, but of course questions, comments, and general musings are welcome!

Please note: General questions about a personal experience you are having are allowed in this subreddit (e.g., "Can anyone explain the functional neuroanatomy behind this random and benign thing that I do?"), but if you need medical advice, please go see a medical professional. Posts that are clearly seeking medical advice about a medical problem will be removed. The advice of internet strangers -- even if they are neuropsychologists! -- is no substitute for professional health care.

Please also note: A basic wiki page for this subreddit has been created. If you have questions about what a neuropsychologist is/does, the steps to becoming a neuropsychologist, or where you can get resources to assist you at any stage of training/practice, check it out!

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