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Nexus 5

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Welcome to /r/Nexus5! Make sure you read the FAQ and the wiki before posting!

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  1. Use common sense.
  2. Reposts, blogspam, spam, and misleading titles are not allowed.
  3. Do not use this subreddit as a marketplace.
  4. /r/Nexus5 is a piracy-free zone.
  5. Avoid using URL shorteners. Shortened URLs will be removed at the moderators' discretion.
  6. Amazon affiliate/associate/referral links are NOT allowed.
  7. Keep all posts that belong in the weekly threads in its respective thread.
  8. Direct image posts are not allowed. Use a self-post instead.

Weekly Threads

Day | Time | Information ---|---|---- Monday | 12AM EST | Questions Thread Wednesday | 12AM EST | Customization Thread Friday | 12AM EST | Battery Thread Sunday | 9AM EST | Photos Thread

> Note: URL shorteners and Amazon affiliate links get picked up by the spam filter and will be removed. This is why it is recommended you don't use them.

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